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Affordable Solid Wood Furniture.
Start your life together with furniture built to last a lifetime.
In this hectic and wonderful time in your life, we're here to make registering practical, easy and fun!

What better way can friends and family invest in your future together, than to share in furnishing your new home with a gift that will last a lifetime.
Penwood Furniture was founded in 1993 to answer a need in the marketplace for quality, handcrafted furniture, built to last a lifetime and priced affordably.
We’re a specialty furniture shop that buys in volume from small independent manufacturers. Because our manufacturers are small and therefore don’t have the overhead of large companies, and because we buy in volume, we can purchase at the best prices, pass the savings on to our customers and provide exclusive pieces that you won’t find elsewhere.
What makes Penwood Furniture truly unique is that we stock everything in our showroom and warehouse. If you see a piece you like, you can take it home right away.Although our specialty is Oak and Pine, we can also order many of our pieces in Maple and Cherry.
We specialize in Solid Oak Tables, Chairs, Buffet & Hutches, Solid Oak and Pine Bedroom Suites, Entertainment Units, a huge selection of Home Accessory Items, “WholeHome” packages and much much more.


Bridal Registries

The custom of giving a wedding gift dates back to the inception of the wedding ceremony itself. Gone are the days when the groom entered the marriage with a dowry of gifts from his new in-laws. Today's couples are most likely faced with the task of combining the possessions they have collected individually while their guests are faced with the task of selecting a gift they think the couple needs and would like to receive. The sensible solution to this dilemma, advise the experts of Royal Doulton, is The Bridal Registry,
a convenient way to let friends and relatives know exactly what you need to make your new home complete.

The Bridal Registry can be a terrific benefit
to the Bride and Groom.
Firstly, there is no charge to register; it is a complimentary service offered by the store. The Bridal Consultant will assist you in selecting items you would like to receive and you may find they'll suggest things you hadn't thought of but can't live without.

ridal Registries in large department stores will cover everything from hardware to housewares, china and linen, bathroom accessories, lamps and even rugs. Specialty shops offer smaller selections of overall items, but may have a greater variety in the ranges that they specialize in. For instance, a china and glass retailer may represent more patterns and more manufacturers of tabletop items than a department store. As a result, many brides register with more than one retailer.

Many stores offer a Bridal and Gift Registry Service. Using this service is easy; simply call ahead to make an appointment with a Consultant and check to see what services the store offers. For instance, does the store have more than one location and, if so, can out-of-town guests access your registry information through the location in their area? Does the store offer a complimentary delivery service or gift wrapping? Ask about the return policy - most stores will not issue refund money, but will issue credit toward purchases in the store.

How the Registry works is simple:
he Consultant will go through an itemized list of gifts and household items which you may or may not wish to receive. She / he will also record information such as your name, wedding date, location of wedding, home address and telephone number of present residence and married residence. If you haven't reached a decision as to a tableware pattern or crystal, the Consultant will show you the selections in what will best suit your decor, evaluating style and most importantly, pocketbook. A good Bridal Consultant is very knowledgeable of the many products the store deals with, new products, buying trends, gift suggestions and caring for china and crystal. She / he will be a tremendous help.
Most frequently, a Bridal Registry is convenient for everyone. It alleviates the responsibility of communicating your wishes to your guests. You will, of course, have to inform guests that you are registered in order for the service to be effective. The Registry allows guests to choose a gift within their price range which they know you want and helps eliminate duplication of gifts. Registry lists also help the bride to keep her thank-you notes in order.

How soon should you register?
ou certainly should register in advance of the showers and parties which will occur prior to your wedding and no later than when your invitations are mailed. You may wish to register soon after your engagement is announced, especially if you need assistance in determining a tableware or crystal pattern.

The months leading up to your wedding are hectic - do yourself a favour and take advantage of the services a Bridal Registry can offer.

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